Brushing and Flossing: Cornerstone of Good Oral Health

Healthy Teeth and Gums is a Healthy You

You have often heard about the oft-repeated remarks on the necessity of brushing and flossing your teeth and how bad it is for you if you don’t. Parents, teachers, dentists, and a gamut of other reminders have instilled this in our heads since the day we learned to walk. It’s never going out of style, even if we wanted it to, because it is that vital to our wellbeing.

Poor oral hygiene, mainly neglect of brushing and flossing among other things, can lead to a variety of illnesses. Heart disease or stroke, for example, though inconclusive. Bacteria that originated in the mouth can travel to blood vessels and lodge in tight spots causing injury and forming plaques. Neglect of gum health is detrimental to people who have diabetes, or who are smokers.

Regular and proper brushing and flossing ensure that bacterial growth, cavity formation, and tooth decay are kept at bay or at minimal and manageable limits. Oral hygiene keeps teeth and gums in top form, adding to your self-confidence, pursuit of goals, and relationship-building and interaction with others. You are able to prevent and surmount serious diseases of the mouth like, periodontal disease, cancer, and even bad breath. Brushing with fluoride strengthens and protects teeth; flossing keeps the integrity of tooth-side contacts that brushing can’t easily access.

Regular Dental Visits

Certainly, regular dental visits also ensure continuous oral health. Dental professionals are the experts in the treatment and management of all dental issues, and are the foremost advocates of regular and proper brushing and flossing. All for a better quality of life.

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