Cosmetic Dentistry in Downtown Seattle

What Cosmetic Dentistry Offers

If you think cosmetic dentistry is just beautifying your teeth so that your smile is more perfect, you might be right. But cosmetic dentistry is more than that; it involves a science, a plan of action, technique and skills of your dentist, and your own commitment to oral hygiene. While some say that this branch of dentistry only concerns itself with appearances and not your teeth and gum’s state of health is sounding too simplistic. It doesn’t seem sensible to have healthy oral structures that do not look aesthetically pleasing as well. And so, what does cosmetic dentistry offer?

Teeth-whitening or bleaching is an example; the procedure makes it possible for discolored teeth to look normal and as natural as the rest of your dentition. It is a sign of health that all teeth are of the same pearly white shade. Any discoloration of enamel surface is indicative of neglect and and lack of oral hygiene. Or it may be due to drug interaction. Teeth-whitening is best done in-office with professional help, ensuring speed and safety.

Replacing amalgam fillings with a tooth-colored alternative is another. While amalgam is sturdy, durable and self-sealing, it does look unsightly and may need replacement especially if it is damaged or decay has developed underneath. Tooth-colored fillings are popular options not only for aesthetics but also because they can handle tooth stresses well. Another cosmetic procedure is the use of crowns and veneers. They are not simply to have for the sake of aesthetics, as many opt for crowns and veneers to correct cracked, chipped, discolored, or even missing teeth.

It Starts with Your Smile

To have cosmetic dentistry done on your teeth is really a personal choice and it starts with a great smile. With it comes variants of ‘good things’ – build-up of self esteem, confidence, also improved chances at jobs, relationships, as well as feeling of health and well-being.

If you are looking to ‘feel good’ and enhancing that smile, come to Downtown Seattle dentistry and work up that smile at Dr. Jaime’s Smile Art.