Costly Dentistry: Not equitable with Dental Health

Healthy Teeth without Costly Dental Fees

Oral health impacts overall wellness. Mayo Clinic says that oral disease is linked to many medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even Alzheimer’s. So you do your best to keep your oral structures – teeth, gums, tongue, bones – healthy and in top form. You practice good oral hygiene and eat the right foods.

You go to your dentist for cleaning jobs and check-ups. Dental work do cost and can ran from several hundreds to thousands of dollars. It can break the bank. And so you ask – do you really need all of that to keep your mouth healthy? It’s about time to take stock of things and really re-think your options.

Some dentists advertise superdeals through social buying sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, and in local newspapers. Take note that you use them before they expire or you’ll be charged more than the deal. Deep discounts are usually for new customers only and chances are, next visits will not be as generous. If you’re using coupons, take note that some additional treatment may crop up during your examination so don’t just dive into it but make comparisons first. Seek a second opinion. Ask friends and relatives about their dentists, how much are the charges for the same services, and compare, or look at Consumer Reports and see the differences.

Affordable Dentistry and Special Offers

Some procedures may be costly, even unnecessary, like cosmetic procedures. If you want them, at least defer them and prioritize others. Deal with pain and infection first. Schedule your other treatments so that you don’t have to go over your allowable maximum on insurance.

Look no further than Dr. Jamie Lee’s Smile Art in Seattle where topnotch dentistry is affordable yet caring. We have special offers as well for new patients and low monthly payments for certain procedures. We invite you to check us out and compare our prices with others.