Have Diabetes? Good Oral Health Helps

Gum Disease and The Diabetic

It is common knowledge that as a diabetic, you are more prone to infections, any infection. This is so because a diabetic’s blood flow is sluggish, slow to deliver oxygen and important nutrients needed by the entire body. A diabetic’s gums, for example, are highly susceptible to infection. Its blood supply is slow and low in nutrients, not as effective to fight bacterial attack. It can lead to gum disease, eventual tooth and bone loss.

On the other hand, if you have gum infection, it becomes difficult to control your blood sugar. Your gums are swollen, infected, may be painful. These conditions make you unable to eat the proper foods, as fruits and veggies that require stronger chewing powers. If your gum condition worsens, you may experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold triggers, also receding gums; you might loose teeth and have some degree of bone destruction. It can affect your well-being and overall health, a poor quality of life affects your blood sugar levels.

Hence, it is essential that your oral health is a top priority. Practicing proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits are a must. Experts say that diabetics who take care of their oral health can better manage their disease. Those who underwent treatment for their gum issues were later more successful controlling their blood sugar.

Good Oral Health and Better Sugar Control are Linked

You might be part of the 2.5 million Washingtonians who are diabetic and prediabetic. It is important, hence, to have regular dental check-ups so that oral issues need not become serious. Seek out your concerned Downtown Seattle dentist, Dr. Jaime Lee, for gum treatment and oral hygiene practices especially for diabetics.