E-cigarettes are just as Dangerous

The Perils of E-cigarettes to Oral Health

Though there may be limited data on the effects of e-cigarettes to dental health, due to the fact that it is a relatively new fad and no long-term study has yet been carried out, experts say that the vapors inhaled from e-cigarettes may be, in some cases, more hazardous to the cells of the mouth than conventional smoke. Chemicals in the vapor can cause tooth loss, gum disease, and maybe oral cancer.

A team of doctors and dentists from New York experimented with e-cigarettes on non-smokers and found that the nicotine-containing vapors caused gum cells to be aggravated, releasing inflammatory proteins. This inflammatory reaction can lead to various oral problems, such as periodontal disease. They discovered that it was the menthol flavoring that exacerbated cell damage more. While further study is needed though, it was clear how the vapors were damaging.

In another separate study, in a controlled chamber in Canada, when mouth cells were exposed to the vapors it resulted in a significant increase in the rate of cell damage and death. Over a period of 3 days, they found 18% of cells were dead or dying on the first day, 40% on the second day, and 53% on the third day. Results are not conclusive but must be a cause for grave concern.

As the use of e-cigarettes has been increasing from 1.5% in 2011 to about 16% in 2015, especially among young people, it is causing no small amount of worry in the medical and dental fields.

Quitting Smoking and Vaping

Ask your expert dental practitioner in Downtown Seattle about these battery-operated vapor devices. Dr. Jaime Lee will make no bones about it – e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes are dangerous to your oral health.