Know If You Are More Prone To Cavities Than Others

Cavity-Causing Reasons

Why are some people more prone to cavities than others? It is highly probable with those who have poor oral hygiene, or in some cases, an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, contributes to the condition. But then, there are reasons that are out of your control. Let’s look at some of those cavity-causing conditions.

How Strong is Your Enamel?

Your enamel is weak and fragile. Poor quality enamel is a result of genetics. Cavities may be in your genes. There’s a gene that plays a key role in first-line immune response against invading germs. Genetics can also have an effect on the type of bacteria that lives in your mouth; certain types of bacteria can cause cavities more than others. Or the weakening of the enamel can come from wearing braces or from a high-sugar or high-carb diet. Daily habits such as sipping on sugary drinks can also lead to enamel erosion.

Daily Habits

You have a habit of nibbling on snacks throughout the day. You go for refined foods that are acidic, sugary and less satiating, your saliva production cannot keep up with it. What you eat all day tend to sit on your teeth for longer periods.

You have the habit of brushing your teeth right after eating. This can actually do more harm than good. The acids present on teeth causes the enamel to soften. In this state, the toothpaste can act as an abrasive, damaging your teeth. It’s recommended to wait an hour to brush after eating or drinking acidic beverages.

Your mouth’s ph level is out of balance. Your dentist may be able to help bring your mouth’s pH level back to balance, which could include a diet with more alkaline-producing foods such as veggies and legumes.

You are a mouth breather. Having salivary gland or duct issues, such as Sjogren’s Syndrome or chronic mouth breathing, you are more likely to have cavities. This can also be genetic. Mouth breathing leads to dry mouth that enable bacterial growth, causing cavities and even gum disease. This condition can also make hygiene a little difficult. Dry mouth, by itself, can be caused by genetics, or it can be a symptom caused by alcohol or tobacco usage, or may be due to certain medications, like antidepressants.

You have deeper crevices In your teeth. Teeth that have more crevices or have deeper crevices make it easier for cavities to form and food debris and bacterial colonies to bury themselves into the tooth.

Finding Out If You’re Cavity-Prone in Downtown Seattle

If you are more frequently getting cavities, consult with us at Smile Art in Seattle. Let us help you determine the cause for a better and optimal oral health.