Teeth-Whitening Tips: Dentist-Approved

Whitening Teeth The Safe Way

Teeth-whitening has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, of cosmetic treatments in the dental office. With the proliferation of teeth-whitening products in the market today, so readily available and highly advertised, most of us are tempted to do our own whitening on our own time. Safety is a prime concern as in-office whitening is not only an aseptic surrounding but measured proportions are used for maximal and the safest results in a time-bound sense.

Some dentists can be forthright in giving helpful tips to help achieve this end, in lieu of in-office whitening, suggesting ways that are both safe and sound. You can ask your own dentist about the best options available. Let your dentist first examine your teeth and provide a tooth color analysis based on your unique situation. If you are well-guided, your home care routine can be as effective as that done in-office.

Upon your dentist’s recommendations, some over-the-counter products can be suitable to your specific needs. Because these products are available in different concentrations, your dentist will tell you which would be appropriate, and that you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, including their suggested frequencies. Note that some teeth-whitening manufacturers use supposedly natural ingredients – like strawberries, coconut oil and charcoal. They may remove surface stains but will not change tooth color any whiter.

Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are the two major adverse effects reported with tooth whitening. Whether the treatment is a home remedy or done in-office, consult your dentist when these events happen. If you have sensitive teeth before you start bleaching, your dentist may have to desensitize your teeth for a couple of weeks first.

Teeth-whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes are safe to use as maintenance. And while you are under treatment and immediately after, it is best to avoid high-colored and very acidic foods and drinks. The effects of the treatment can last up to three years. However, over time, discoloration may accumulate slowly. To maintain the whiteness and prevent relapse, touch-ups are recommended.

Opting for Safer and Effective Teeth-Whitening

Know more helpful tips for teeth-whitening from your dentist in Downtown Seattle. Consult with us when you opt for a safer, faster and more effective whitening treatment at Smile Art in Seattle.